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Boulder man vaccinated at Dr. Moma clinic shares concerns about revaccination process

CDPHE said those who received their first dose at Dr. Moma clinic should be revaccinated
Boulder man vaccinated at Dr. Moma clinic shares concerns about revaccination process
Posted at 9:52 PM, Apr 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-20 01:52:43-04

BOULDER, Colo. — Days after the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) said thousands vaccinated at a Colorado Springs clinic should get revaccinated, some of those impacted are concerned for potential implications of receiving additional doses.

"I just hate being in that position where you’re waiting for someone to acknowledge what’s going on and to give you the answers that you’re looking for," said Chris Nyce, a Boulder resident who received his first dose of the Moderna vaccine in March at the Dr. Moma Health and Wellness clinic in Colorado Springs.

The clinic had been authorized by CDPHE to offer COVID-19 vaccines, but on April 9, the state said those would be paused while they investigated.

On Tuesday, CDPHE said improper storage at Dr. Moma's meant nearly 4,000 people would need to be revaccinated.

The state's guidance says those who received one dose at the clinic should receive two additional doses. Those who received two doses at the clinic should receive one additional dose.

"I’m concerned about getting this third shot because nobody knows what happens if you get a third shot," Nyce said.

His concerns prompted him to contact the manufacturer, Moderna.

"Moderna in the conversations I had with them said, 'We don’t recommend you getting a third shot,'" Nyce said.

Denver7 reached out to both CDPHE and Moderna for more clarity on the discrepancy, but have yet to hear back.

CDPHE'spress releasesaid they've consulted with the CDC to release revaccination guidelines and, "Because of lack of clinical data, the CDC does not recommend that people get more than three doses of any COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of validity."

Nyce said he's worried a third vaccine dose might impact his ability to get a booster shot in the future.

On Thursday, Dr. David Kessler of the Biden Administration said the country should be prepared for vaccine boosters.

"Have they precluded us from ever having a booster shot because they’re telling us to get a third vaccine? I don’t know," Nyce said.

On April 19, CDPHE provided this response to Denver7's inquiry,

We conferred with Moderna and CDC prior to releasing the guidance [].

If you received one dose of Moderna vaccine at a Dr. Moma vaccination clinic, that dose is considered invalid and you should receive two additional doses of Moderna vaccine according to the time frames below:

  • Additional dose of Moderna 28 days after your initial invalid Moderna dose was received at Dr. Moma, and
Final dose of Moderna 28 days later (e.g., 28 days after your repeated valid