7 worst morning commute hot spots in the Denver metro area

7 worst morning commute hot spots in the Denver metro area
Posted at 12:01 PM, Aug 09, 2017

DENVER – The morning commute in the Denver metro area is increasingly getting worse.

The Mile High City recently ranked among the most gridlocked cities in the country. Drivers are spending an average of 36 hours stuck in clogged arteries in one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country.

Denver7 Traffic Reporter Jayson Luber sees the congestion every morning and provided a list of the 7 worst hotspots morning commuters should try to avoid.

Southbound I-225 from Parker Road to I-25
The gridlock in this corridor is notorious. It will often remain bumper to bumper well past the morning commute.

Southbound Interstate 25 from Alameda to Hampden
This section of I-25 comes to a crawl every morning but usually opens up later on.

Westbound Interstate 76 from 104th to I-25
This two-lane section of I-76 sees the most congestion during the day.

Interstate 270
Both directions will often came to crawl during the morning commute.

Southbound Interstate 25 from 120th to downtown
The addition of toll lanes in recent years has helped with gridlock somewhat, but this section still remains bright red on traffic maps in the morning.

Interstate 70
Both directions turn into a parking lot during the morning commute. The upcoming massive billion-dollar rebuilding project should help, but we’ll have to wait several years to see any benefits from the construction.

Eastbound 6th Avenue from Wadsworth to I-25
Traffic begins to slow down as 6th avenue spills out onto I-25.

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