Rural T-intersection in Weld County getting stop signs

Posted at 6:10 AM, Jul 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 08:10:15-04

Weld County drivers will see new stop signs at a T-intersection.

The Weld County Board of Commissioners approved the installation of the new stop signs on Weld County Road (WCR) 61.5 in the southbound direction at WCR 66.

Public Works said a resident requested a review and officials found the average annual daily traffic had increased in the area enough to add the stop signs.

“The Board appreciates residents suggesting areas for evaluation,” said Commissioner Chair Mike Freeman. “With over 3,000 miles of county roads to maintain, it is difficult for the Weld County Department of Public Works to always know where drivers are having problems.”

“Although this T-intersection has not had any recorded accidents in the past five years, installing stop signs will allow better safety measures for the future,” said Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer, Commissioner Coordinator for Public Works.

The stop signs will be installed by the middle of July.

If you would like to suggest an intersection for stop sign evaluation, call Public Works at 970-304-3750.


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