Denver may begin clearing homeless camps Tuesday

Posted at 9:26 PM, Mar 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 06:08:29-05

Denver could begin clearing homeless camps on March 8 but the city's plans remain unclear. A notice posted Monday morning states Denver Public Works will begin enforcing a rule that allows the city to remove any items left on the sidewalk or on public property.

As Denver7 previously reported, the city wants to clear camps near the Samaritan House. City officials say the site has become a public health concern despite their efforts to reach out to the homeless.

On Friday, Denver Human Services spokesperson, Julie Smith, said, "Once that notice has been posted for 24 hours, the city has the option to come through and remove the belongings and ask the people to move."

The notice states Denver Public Works will begin enforcement on March 8, but Smith says the city does not have a firm timeline.

In an email Smith said, "We don’t have a firm timeframe on when we might take action on the violations. The city must provide at least 24-hour notice, which happened today with the posting of the signs, but no decision has been made on what, when, where, etc."

The group Denver Homeless Outloud is still planning a rally for 5 a.m. Tuesday morning outside the rescue mission.

The city said it will first give people a verbal warning. If that isn't followed, it will result in a written citation and then, ultimately, there could be arrests.


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