2 arrested in apparent theft ring targeting ATMs in Colorado, Kansas

Posted at 3:28 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 17:36:45-04

NEWTON, Kan. (AP) — Newton police have arrested two people suspected of stealing from ATMs in what authorities say is an interstate theft ring.

Police arrested 44-year-old Alexandru Ion-Florin and 22-year-old Maria Bacelan Saturday after several thefts at Newton's Citizens State Bank locations. A total of $22,600 was taken in six cases.

Newton officials said Wednesday that police departments have received reports in recent weeks about ATM thefts in Colorado and western Kansas.

The thieves reportedly are using special cards that prompt the ATMs to dispense money without PIN numbers.

Both of Newton's Citizens State Bank branches were hit several times Friday. The suspects were arrested the next day and booked into the Harvey County Jail. They are believed to be from Romania and are being held for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.