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Unfinished and unhappy: Contact7 gets answers from cabinet contractor

Posted at 4:40 PM, Mar 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-22 20:56:34-04

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GREEN VALLEY RANCH — A kitchen remodel that was supposed to take six weeks is still unfinished after five months, prompting the homeowner to reach out to Contact7 for answers.

“They’re not quite right,” Mamie Lawson said.

Lawson paid Jazzy Painting around $6,800 in October of 2018 for that remodel, which included kitchen cabinets and countertops. She showed Contact7 the status of those installed cabinets on Friday.

“They’re not quite level,” she said about the hanging cabinets. “It just doesn’t close,” she said, pushing on one cabinet door. “Wires that scare me,” she said about an overhead ceiling fan. “It’s uneven, look at that,” she said pointing to the gap between her stove and countertops.

She also showed a pile of debris in her back yard, which included part of an old countertop, sink, and broken down boxes. Lawson claims the pile has been there for two-and-a-half months. Now she’s worried the job will cost her even more money.

"The quality is so poor in order to have them work properly I’m probably going to have to have them torn out and redone according to contractors,” she said.

Lawson called Contact7 about her issue. Contact7’s Jason Gruenauer called the contractor to see what was going on.

“She’s upset because this has taken a little longer than normal, a little longer than usual because we had to change out several cabinets,” Jazzy Paint’s Ricardo Orr said over the phone.

Orr admitted that more work and “adjustments” were still needed on Lawson’s cabinets, though it had been two weeks since anyone was on sight. He also claimed that Lawson had changed her mind about the types of cabinets, causing some of the delay. He went on to make her an offer to try to make things right which included a possible partial refund.

“If she would allow me to have my guys come back in there, she could give us a couple of days, everything would be finished,” Orr said.

“I’d consider it if it were the truth. But from my experience with him he’s not telling the truth. He’s just going to waste more of my time,” Lawson responded.

Contact7 searched contractor license databases in both Denver and Aurora and did not find Jazzy Painting.