Bussing issues a work in progress for Brighton School District 27J

Parents say kids stranded at bus stop for hours
Posted at 4:28 PM, Aug 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-22 20:20:00-04

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- Stranded at the bus stop.

Some parents in Commerce City are at their wit's end with the school district after the school bus left their children waiting for a third straight day.

“Obviously, there’s something that needs to be resolved,” said frustrated parent Jessica Cueto. “It’s irresponsible and unsafe.”

The biggest impact so far - kids showing up to class a half hour to an hour late Stuart Middle School. Parents say that's class time their kids can't afford to miss.

“My son is autistic,” said Cueto. Her 6th grade son started school last Thursday. “He's a schedule kind of kid. Otherwise, he can't function. The rest of the day he's all flustered."

Cueto says issues have ranged from the bus being a few minutes late, to not showing up at all.

“The bus driver totally forgot to pick-up the kids," she said.

For its part, Brighton School District 27J says it is working out the bussing issues.

"We understand their frustrations,” said spokesman Kevin Denke. “It's important for parents that the bus is there to get their kids to school on-time."

Denke said they have identified the issue. Now, the district is ironing out the kinks.

"We traced this to some issues (with drivers) getting out of the Prairie View Middle, and Prairie View High School parking lots," Denke said.

On Friday, the district made a route change, dropping Route 35 for a new Route 32, but it's still working on perfecting the timing of the changes.

“We're just asking for some patience,” Denke said. “It's the start of the school year. We're still figuring things out."

It’s worth noting: a Denver7 crew documented the Route 32 bus showing up to its stop at E. 100th Ave. and Fraser St. just one minute late on Monday afternoon.  

Denke said the busses are full, but the district would never compromise safety. They're asking parents to give things a “few more days to settle down.”


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