Rachel's Challenge spreading kindness one message at a time

Posted at 4:42 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-30 18:42:17-04

DENVER -- A little kindness is something we all could use and something we all could share a little more of.

That's why we here at Denver7 have teamed with Rachel's Challenge to help spread the message of kindness and compassion the challenge is spreading at schools around the world.

Some of those messages are simple, like billboards with quotes from Rachel Scott that say things like, “Start a chain reaction. It begins with my hands.”

Some of the writings found by Rachel’s family after she was killed at Columbine referenced a chain reaction of kindness.

Some of those chain reactions are been started by Friends of Rachel (FOR) clubs at schools around the world.  They make Post-It notes with friendly sayings that they put on kids’ lockers and do other projects to spread a little kindness.

If you or your child is doing something to spread kindness we want to hear from you.

Send us a note at

You can also learn more about the Rachel’s Challenge program by going to their web page or watching our Rachel’s Story: Triumph Over Tragedy special.


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