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This decadent Chocolate Raspberry Bourbon Float recipe is full of surprises

This Decadent Chocolate Raspberry Bourbon Float Recipe Is Full Of Surprises
Posted at 8:00 AM, May 09, 2020

If your cravings for comfort foods, baked goods and desserts of all kinds have increased while you’re stuck at home, you’re not alone. Personally, I’ve been looking up new recipes more than ever.

From cupcakes and cookies to meals that are more complicated than I would usually try and, my personal favorite, boozy concoctions, I am all about livening up my taste buds right now.

Most recently, that included a float recipe from Hudsonville Ice Cream that not only calls for chocolate raspberry ice cream and berry soda, but also a little bourbon!


I admit I am not a bourbon fan, so I was a bit skeptical about trying it. It turns out, however, that the ice cream and soda flavors blend with the iconic Kentucky whiskey so perfectly that it is not overpowering and it tastes more like a raspberry milkshake than anything. You can taste the bourbon, of course, but it is fairly muted by the ice cream and soda, so it tastes more like a chocolate-covered raspberry, with a little kick.

In fact, I feel confident saying that even non-bourbon fans will enjoy this treat — as long as you like raspberry and chocolate, of course!

Kaitlin Gates

There are a few important things to note before you get started making it yourself. First of all, Hudsonville is not sold nationwide, so if the company’s ice cream is not available where you live, you’ll want to find a similar flavor, like Breyers Black Raspberry Chocolate.

Also, while the recipe calls for berry soda, it does not have to be raspberry flavored. Hudsonville suggests Faygo Redpop if that is available near you or Izze Blackberry, which is actually sparkling juice. I used Faygo and although it is strawberry-flavored, it mixed quite well with the raspberry ice cream.

Of course, the flavors will also change depending on the bourbon you use. I used Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon for one reason: it was the lowest-priced bottle I could find while trying to get in and out of the grocery store quickly. I will admit I don’t know a lot about bourbon (or whiskey for that matter), so if you do, obviously use whichever brand you prefer.

I am also happy to report a surprise bonus treat I was not expecting from the recipe. When mixed with the soda and bourbon, some of the chocolate in the ice cream ended up melting down to the bottom of the glass, resembling that extra treat you get at the bottom of a Drumstick ice cream cone!

While you could definitely throw it all in a blender for more of a milkshake consistency, this recipe is as easy as just putting ice cream in a glass, adding a shot or two of bourbon and then filling it up with soda. From start to finish, you’re looking at about 1 minute of prep time before you’re ready to relax and enjoy your decadent treat.

In the end, this is what it looked like:

Kaitlin Gates


1 pint Hudsonville Extra Indulgent Raspberry Chocolate Chunk ice cream
4 ounces bourbon
2 bottles berry soda

Distribute the ice cream between your glasses. Add one or two shots of bourbon to taste. Finish by pouring in soda.

If you like this one, Hudsonville has some more recipes posted online that look even more intense.


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