Reverse Phone Lookup: Find the Name Behind the Number

5:13 PM, Mar 02, 2023
5:13 PM, Mar 02, 2023
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Services that perform reverse phone lookups make it possible to acquire data about a contact information, such as the address and name of the number's owner.

These services can be helpful in a variety of situations, including identifying unfamiliar numbers and researching telemarketing calls, among other things.

Because there is such a wide variety of choices, it may be challenging to zero in on the one that is ideal for your requirements.

In this article, we will evaluate the best reverse phone search services with regard to the precision of their results, the ease with which they may be used, and the prices that they charge.

We've provided everything you need for a reverse phone lookup, whether you're searching for a reverse phone number lookup that's straightforward and one-time, or a more all-encompassing solution.

  • BeenVerified - Starts at $17.48/month – Has an easy-to-use mobile app – Provides social media data
  • Intelius - Starts at $0.95/search – Reputable company – Results are available quickly
  • Instant Checkmate - Starts at $35.12/month – Access to a large number of public records – Advanced search filters
  • PeopleFinders - Starts at $1 to $1.95/search – Quality service – Easy to use
  • Spokeo - Starts at $0.95 to $1.95/search – Affordable – Smooth service
  • TruthFinder - Starts at $4.99/month – Affordable phone lookup service – Unique dark web scan
  • US Search - Starts at $19.86/month – Oldest database – Affordable options

Any of the services we suggest for reverse phone number lookup will provide you with the correct contact information in a timely way.These are all low-cost, widely used, and trusted by the government for the large majority of data.

In this section, we will assess the best reverse lookup resources that we have accumulated.

Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

A more in-depth analysis per each reverse phone number lookup service is presented below so that you can get a better idea of what makes each one such a good option.

We wish that this assistance has enabled you to choose which reverse telephone number search service will be the most ideal.

1. BeenVerified – Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site Overall

beenverified logo.jpg

You will be able to obtain an incredibly complete report about the individual by using BeenVerified. The full name of the person, as well as any other names they may go by, will be included in this report.

BeenVerified is able to help you determine whether or not an individual is being truthful about information such as their genuine name, for instance.

A person's age, location, and phone number are all provided by BeenVerified, in addition to information about the person's use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

When you do a reverse contacts search on our website, the best website to look up numbers, the results will also contain a collection of contact possibilities that are connected to one another but are separate from one another. In addition to the phone number that you initially searched for.

You can learn more about the individual who called you from an unknown number and the kind of people they’re connected to by dialing these alternate numbers.


  • Cancellation is an easy process
  • The mobile application offered by the organization is simple to operate
  • It offers information regarding social media


  • It's possible that searching will take some time
  • There are no free trials available at this time
  • Sets a cap on the total amount of paperwork that may be utilized


There is currently no search tool available on BeenVerified.For the best reverse phone lookup, a subscription is necessary in order to make use of it as a tool. The following is a rundown of the various BeenVerified plan options:

  • For a period of three months, the cost is $17.48 each month.
  • For one month, the price is $26.89.

2. Intelius – Best for Mobile App Accessibility

intelius LOGO.jpg

In addition to being a reverse phone lookup service, Intelius is also a trusted source of information on phone numbers. In just a few seconds, you can acquire precise results using the website's search function.

These Platforms are also quite user-friendly. The owner's name, present and former residences, and any accessible background info such as bankruptcies and prior convictions are all included in the information that is provided by Intelius.

One of the most notable aspects of Intelius is its extensive database, which includes both landline and mobile phone numbers that offer reverse phone number lookup.

The system also provides a free reverse phone lookup feature for landline phones which allows users to discover fundamental information about the number's owner, such as the address and the phone provider.

In order to access a more thorough reverse phone number lookup, users are required to subscribe to a subscription plan.

In general, Intelius is a reliable and time-saving reverse phone lookup service that delivers accurate and exhaustive information.

It’s a good alternative for anyone trying to get data about contact information due to its user-friendly interface, extensive database, and cost-effective pricing options.                                                                       


  • This company has been around for quite some time
  • There is no limit on the amount of contact information searches
  • Gives rapid results


  • Just results from the United States
  • When using other services that perform a reverse lookup, you might be required to pay an additional fee
  • Pricing information isn’t communicated in a sufficiently clear manner


Intelius does not have the easiest-to-understand pricing structure of any comparable company.

According to what we have seen, users can get the Intelius reverse phone lookup search reports for free for the first six days after signing up for the service. After that, a minimal fee of $0.95 per report will be paid.

However, if you require the best phone number lookup accuracy down to the millimeter and/or want to do an endless number of searches, you will be required to pay a higher fee.

You also have the option of selecting the best plans that Intelius offers to have accessibility to all search tools.

  • The cost of using Intelius People Search is $42.25 per month.
  • $35.95 per month for Intelius's Reverse Phone Lookup in addition to People Search.
  • Price per month for Intelius Address Lookup and Persons Search: $29.78

3. Instant Checkmate – Most Extensive Phone Lookup Directory

Instant Checkmate LOGO.jpg

This directory offers the broadest range of reverse phone lookup services available, using data obtained from a wide variety of public databases.

It stands out from other sites that do reverse phone number lookups since it grants people the ability to view a broad selection of official documents.

Instant Checkmate is the best website to look up numbers and get the name and location of the person who called you. It’s possible to obtain a thorough overview of the individual linked to certain telephone information.

Instant Checkmate provides a service that allows users to do a reverse phone number lookup and access public records and trace landline and cellular phone numbers.

When you search for a phone number using the Instant Checkmate reverse lookup services, you won't need to be concerned about maintaining your anonymity under any circumstances.


  • When it comes to producing superior results, precision is really essential
  • There are other more sophisticated search filters available
  •  An individual has access to a substantial amount of publicly held information


  • Becoming a subscriber will set you back a lot of money
  • It’s not possible to obtain a single report
  • It will take a considerable amount of time before you find what you’re looking for


Instant Checkmate offers more value for the money than any other reverse phone lookup service, including any discount services. You can locate complete membership options where you can use all of Instant Checkmate's services.

You can access a reverse phone lookup for a small subscription cost of $5.99 per month.

One of these plans is available to you. 

  • Plan with unlimited reports for three months costs: $28.09/mo
  • The unlimited report package for one-month costs: $35.12/mo

4. PeopleFinders – Best for Professional Services


PeopleFinders is a popular reverse phone number lookup company that provides exhaustive information about mobile phone numbers. This information may be obtained through the website

If you're looking for the best website to look up numbers, the search function on the site is quick and easy to use and will provide precise results in only a few seconds. The platform is also quite user-friendly.

The information that is offered by PeopleFinders contains the owner's name, as well as their current and prior addresses, and any background information that is accessible, such as felony convictions and jail histories.

The reverse phone number lookup offered by PeopleFinders is one of the product's most notable characteristics, as it provides access to a huge database of both landline and mobile phone numbers.

The platform also provides users with the option of participating in a 30-day trial, which permits them to conduct a predetermined amount of searches prior to subscribing to one of the paid plans.

PeopleFinders is an extremely dependable and time-saving service for conducting reverse phone lookups, and it offers information that is both precise and exhaustive.

It is a good alternative for anyone trying to get data about a mobile number due to the fact that its interface is very easy to use, that it contains a large database and that it offers price options that are affordable.


  • Simple in its operation
  • Excellent customer care
  • Experience dating back more than 20 years


  • Only those in the United States can purchase it
  • Is not looking through various social media


Both short and long-term consumers can take advantage of PeopleFinders' economically priced package options. You can purchase a reverse phone number lookup report for as low as one dollar up to and including one dollar and ninety-five cents per report.

If you’re interested in a membership that is valid for a longer period of time, the following monthly plans and their prices are available to you:

  • Premium Membership in PeopleFinders is available for: $29.95/mo
  • Membership in PeopleFinders is $24.95/mo.

5. Spokeo – Best Budget Reverse Phone Lookup Site


There are a lot of people looking for services like reverse phone number lookup and searching for someone's contact information using their phone number is a common practice nowadays.

Spokeo is a well-liked option because it’s affordable compared to its competitors. Let's talk about the interface and its functioning first before we get into the pricing.

You can start a reverse phone number lookup as soon as you visit Spokeo, and the results will be displayed to you not long after that.

Over 600 million case files, one hundred and thirty million documents available to the public, one hundred and twenty billion social media identifiers, six billion individual customer accounts, and eighty-nine billion corporate records are included in the extensive database that Spokeo maintains.


  • Downloads of PDFs are available
  • User-friendly
  • It’s within one's means


  • In government records, there are just a few scans available
  • Exclusively offered in the United States
  • There are gaps in the information on occasion


Spokeo offers reasonably priced memberships on a monthly basis alongside personal reverse phone number lookups. There is a range of $0.95 to $1.95 associated with the price of one reverse phone lookup.

There is a possibility that Spokeo will provide a discount, thus reducing the price. The following is a rundown of the monthly membership fees:

  • Plan for three months costs $14.95 each month
  • Plan for one month costs $19.95 a month

6. TruthFinder – Best for Background Checks

TrythFinder LOGO.jpg

TruthFinder is one of the most trustworthy services now available for conducting reverse phone lookups. This background check service headquartered in the US consults a large number of databases in order to provide accurate data on a phone number.

It has a solid reputation, and the cost is not unreasonable for what you get. Discovering a user's character and gaining access to a vast amount of information are both possible with the help of TruthFinder

It does this by linking names across a variety of public databases, including social media sites, police and court filings, and many more.

If you want to make sure you have the best website to look up numbers, you can use TruthFinder to investigate every detail of the website to locate information about the caller.

It also includes identity tools that you may use to find out who contacted you and what information about you can be found online by other people.


  • There is a service that offers a reverse phone number lookup for a low cost
  • An exclusive search of the dark web is made available here
  • Summaries that are rich in information


  • It won't take more than a few minutes to put together a report
  • Additional fees will be assessed for detailed reports
  • Just results from the United States

TruthFinder Pricing

TruthFinder's service of conducting reverse phone lookups is available for a monthly fee of $4.99.

This plan costs $4.99 per month and offers a limited amount of information about a given contact information. If you desire more details about a particular number, you will be required to pay an additional fee.

The following is an exhaustive list of membership options:

  • Unlimited reports for a period of two months costs:$46.56 a total (of $23.28/mo), which is billed every two months.
  • Unlimited reports for one month can be purchased for $28.05/mo

7. US Search – Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site for Beginners


People have been able to use US Search for more than 20 years to take advantage of its reverse lookup services.

US Search is one of the best websites to look up numbers, as it has the highest demand for its services in this area. In addition to the other sites on this list, US Search promotes itself as a resource that can help users find lost families and old friends.

The aesthetically pleasing website that US Search maintains also features an intuitive user experience. Because it provides a jumping-off point for investigation based on the user's existing data and the information the user is seeking, this is an excellent tool for beginners.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Obtain results fast


  • Complete background checks are required, which cost more money
  • A presentation that is easy to understand
  • Exclusively offered to customers in the US


You won't be able to determine how much it will cost you if you use certain reverse phone lookup services, such as US Search because their pricing pages aren't very clear.

Users have reported that its prices are often fluctuating and that additional fees are typically assessed whenever a search is completed and the user wants to make use of a function that is not included in their subscription: 

  • The price of a monthly subscription is $19.86/mo

Both of US Search Pro's subscription tiers, Basic and Premium, provide subscribers with access to an unlimited number of reports at no extra cost.

  •  A monthly subscription is available for $59/mo
  • Cost of one year's membership: $599

Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites - Ranking Methodology

There is no ranking technique for reverse phone lookup data search sites that is universally accepted by everyone. On the other hand, when evaluating the efficacy of a reverse phone lookup website, the following aspects might be taken into consideration

Accuracy of Results: The precision of the outcomes is vital when evaluating reverse phone lookup websites because it’s the main reason for using a service like that.

When using the best website to look up numbers and the information returned is either erroneous or out of date, it can cause the user to experience frustration, confusion, and a loss of valuable time.

Database coverage: Database coverage is a significant factor in the ranking of reverse phone lookup websites since it influences the breadth of the information that can be provided by the site.

While conducting a search, a website's outcomes are probably going to be more complete if more databases are searched. 

Simplicity of access and user interface: Convenience of use is vital in rating to reverse phone lookup websites since it directly impacts the user experience. The user interface is another key factor.

Finding the best website to look up numbers can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming if the webpage is hard to browse or has a user interface that is unclear.

Cost (free versus paid services): Price is an essential factor in the ranking of reverse phone lookup websites since it might influence a user's decision regarding whether or not to utilize the service.

If a website requires a significant payment to access its content, it’s likely to turn away users who are interested in finding a more cost-effective alternative.

When looking for the best website to look up numbers, if a website provides a cheap or free option, it could be more tempting to customers who are working with a limited budget.

User reviews and reputation: These are two factors that are considered when evaluating reverse phone lookup websites. Customer reviews are significant because they give an idea of the experiences that other customers have had in real life.

Reputation is another factor. Looking up the best website to look up numbers can help potential customers make more informed selections and provide an understanding of the general reputation of the website.

It’s essential to be aware that the best reverse phone lookups present all the time receive the information they use from publically accessible sources, and the accuracy of the findings might vary significantly.

What You Need to Know About Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

There are many different reasons why you would need to seek a telephone number.

If you're interested in finding out who is making unsolicited phone calls to you, learning more about what other people discover about you when they look up your mobile number or participating in market research, the best website to look up numbers is the one for you.

Before you utilize a website that does the best reverse phone lookup, there are several things you should know for sure.

What Is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

The reverse phone lookup is exactly what it sounds like; rather than starting with only a phone number and using a service to find out who the phone belongs to, you begin with just a phone number.

This can be helpful if, for instance, you receive a call from an unauthorized individual or if you accidentally scribbled onto a cell number without any further details.

Most Reverse Lookup Sites Are Not Fcra Compliant

This collection of the best reverse phone lookup websites all offer free usage. As these sites do not adhere to the lenders, landlords, employers, and lenders, Fair Credit Act reporting can not be used in any way to evaluate potential customers, tenants, or employees.

As long as the use is for private purposes, you have complete freedom to do whatever you like with them.

You May Have To Hand Over Personal Information

If you want to use the best reverse phone lookup service, you'll need to sign up or provide your personal information such as an email address, name, and phone number. They may even keep track of your IP address and physical location.

How To Do a Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Regrettably, many reverse phone lookup solutions are false. In spite of the fact that it’s challenging, they make it seem easy.

You might be persuaded by the sales pitch that these websites offer free reverse phone lookups, but in reality, access to the report is frequently fee-based.

A reverse phone lookup should only take a few seconds to complete, but some sites purposely make the process drawn out so that you'll get hooked and wind up paying.

While conducting a reverse phone lookup from the best website to look up numbers, be wary of sites that request personal information or have a lengthy progress bar before they return results.

How Do Reverse Phone Lookup Services Work?

The best reverse phone lookup services can verify the contact information and the persons connected to it by looking up information in various public registers. Via a search of public records, tracking down landline numbers is simple.

To get mobile phone numbers, a reverse phone number lookup service may still need to pay for information from personal devices and other businesses.

Are Free Phone Number Lookup Sites Any Good?

Online, there are a ton of free resources for reverse phone lookups. Even if you find one cheap reverse phone lookup website, it's uncommon that you'll find up-to-date information. Paid lookup services, on the contrary, deliver precise outcomes at a fair cost.

How To Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number

The best reverse phone lookup service makes it simple to find out who called and what their name is. Three specific steps have been taken to simplify the process, this includes:

1. Copy Unknown Number

Ensure that you accurately and correctly duplicate the desired number's digit count.

2. Put the Phone Number in a Lookup Site

Enter the number in the website's field for reverse phone lookups and press submit.

BeenVerified and Intelius are two reverse lookup services you can use to discover the phone number connected to a person's name. Input this contact information in the search field, hit "search," and then, depending on the website, wait a few minutes or just a few seconds for the search to be finished.

3. Get Results

You must check a few boxes to indicate your consent to the conditions of service prior to performing the reverse lookup. Using the best website to look up numbers, you will discover the identity of the individual once the lookup is finished.

Phone Lookup Services Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you in understanding the best reverse phone lookup better, here are some responses to frequently asked questions about them.

Is There a Free Way to Lookup a Phone Number?

The use of cheap reverse phone lookup websites is not a wise decision. On websites that offer free reverse phone lookups, incorrect data, and fraud are commonplace. If you're looking for the best website to look up numbers, BeenVerified or Intelius are dependable services you can use.

How Can I Figure Out Who a Phone Number Belongs To?

You may find out who owns contact information via a reverse phone lookup site like BeenVerified. Do a web search to find the best website to look up numbers and find its details. The identity of the caller and other details will be provided to you shortly.

Can I Search for My Own Number on a Phone Lookup Site?

With self-monitoring technologies like BeenVerified, it’s feasible to learn what information others may be able to learn about you. If you're looking for the best website to look up numbers and remove your data from their systems, look no further.

The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites: Verdict

The greatest background screening services, in our opinion, are led by BeenVerified. This is the best website to look up numbers as it provides dark web searches, precise results, and in-depth reports.

While not the cheapest service, BeenVerified offers decent prices if you plan to utilize it for a lot of years.

Websites that perform a reverse phone lookup are very useful for locating an enigmatic number. These services are meant for personal use, thus one should keep that in mind.

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