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5:27 PM, Mar 02, 2023
5:28 PM, Mar 02, 2023
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Services such as BeenVerified offer an effortless way to access public records on any person. It's a dependable source when it comes to gathering public data, public data check and streamlines the process of researching anyone you want to know more about.

It can be beneficial to conduct a publicly available search on a person for a variety of reasons, like reconnecting with a relative you haven't seen in years or ensuring that a potential date from the internet is trustworthy. You can also just look at what personal details are out there about you through a personal background investigation.

The most proficient public data check and public data search verification companies utilize both public and occasionally confidential databases to uncover data regarding one or more particular individuals. This is different from credit and criminal record checks, which are based on government databases.

With the aid of public data check search engines, it’s possible to discover information about real estate, companies, or even the identity of an unfamiliar caller. Here are some of the top public data check services available.

7 Best Public Data Check Services on the Market

BeenVerified – Best Public Data Check Service Overall

beenverified logo.jpg

BeenVerified is an excellent public records search service due to its court runner offering in which an employee of the company travels to court houses to retrieve documents that have not yet been posted to the website. Additionally, the service is accessible via apps for both Android and iOS operating systems.

When you initiate your investigation, you can pick any data points that you want. If you pay for three months in advance, you can get a discounted rate. However, you cannot do a single search on the website; it’s necessary to have an active membership. After you finish going through all of the "loading" windows, you will be able to view the prices.

Patrons have expressed their displeasure as the reports provided by BeenVerified have less data than those given by other top-notch background check sites. BeenVerified provides in-depth reports on individuals which is obtained by analyzing public records, social media accounts, and other internet sources to ensure that the information provided to the users is precise and up-to-date.

An advantage of BeenVerified is the uncomplicated design of the website, which facilitates users to browse and look for information. The search outcomes are displayed in an orderly and comprehensible way, making it uncomplicated to interpret and understand.

BeenVerified takes user privacy seriously and takes every precaution to guarantee that all data is securely protected and private. It employs the latest encryption technology to secure people's personal information and does not provide or market it to any external entities.


  • Numerous sources of data can be used
  • A court runner looks for information that has not been put into a digital format
  • There are apps available for both Android and iOS devices
  • If payment is made three months ahead of time, a discount will be given


  • A lack of openness in pricing
  • No specific search option
  • Less thorough as some of the greatest background check services

TruthFinder – Best Public Data Check Service for Quick Results

TrythFinder LOGO.jpg

If you are wondering what details can be found out about yourself by others, TruthFinder provides several options that let you do a public records review, consisting of both public and private databases and self-auditing tools.

TruthFinder is much like other public data check free applications used to validate material located on the internet. These applications have the capability to perform searches in both public and confidential databases, while also allowing users to search for potential relatives and acquaintances.

The TruthFinder platform provides users with the capacity to keep an eye on their profiles, so they can review what details are available to employers and other people who may be conducting searches.

Using TruthFinder, you can assert ownership of data that has already been gathered. By taking this step, you can modify the article to ensure its precision or block it from other users of TruthFinder.

TruthFinder stands out as an exceptional search engine for finding people, and it can provide a wealth of information on the person you are attempting to track down.

One of the greatest benefits of TruthFinder is its ability to make an infinite amount of enquiries into public data hence on our list of the best public data search service. Although there’s a cost of $30 a month, this is a worthwhile investment if you are likely to use TruthFinder regularly.


  • Free telephone customer service
  • Functions on desktop or smartphone
  • Unlimited searches when you join
  • Some fresh info is discovered via web and social searches


  • There’s no accessible public data check free trial
  • Purchasing individual reports is highly pricey

Intelius – Best for One-Time Public Data Search

intelius LOGO.jpg

Intelius delves more thoroughly into publicly available data than a lot of other services. If you want to make contact with somebody from your past, the educational background is a major component of information. This is aside from the typical contact details, criminal records, and financial facts.

Intelius's online service offers the opportunity to reestablish contact with old friends, investigate a person's criminal background, and explore the data available about oneself.

This public data check service will provide you with the data you need to know who is calling you and gain more insight into the residence you are considering. It’s proficient in delivering the info you need, and your search history will stay concealed.

Intelius provides seven different ways to investigate a person's history. These can range from a simple phone book lookup to a thorough review of public documents. To use any of these options, you will need to sign up for a subscription package for a predetermined amount of time.

The cost of the monthly plans are similar, however the amount of money charged for the public data check free trial periods vary.

Intelius is known for its vast database, but what makes it special is its straightforward user interface. Even though its payment system is not always transparent, we still believe this is the greatest public data check verification service available.

We value the way Intelius utilizes a chart-like visual to demonstrate connections. Intelius has demonstrated great quality in their service, which makes the $25 monthly fee a valuable investment.


  • Suitable illustrations
  • There are options for both recurring and one-time reports
  • Requires someone who really regularly checks their online platforms
  • Contains a range of instructional materials


  • In comparison to other alternatives, this one is comparatively more expensive

Instant Checkmate - Best for Criminal Data Check

Instant Checkmate LOGO.jpg

Instant Checkmate is recognized for having one of the widest collections of public records available for exploration. The service is simple to use and provides users with access to a wealth of data, such as contact information and records.

Instant Checkmate is well-known for offering one of the broadest selections of public records to investigate. The service is straightforward and offers users with access to a vast amount of data, like contact info and documents.

To locate a person, you will require their name, where they live (city and state). Besides that, Instant Checkmate offers a reverse phone lookup option, though it may not be easy to find. As soon as you carry out your search, a list of potential matches will be displayed, and you can access a full report for each one of them.

Instant Checkmate's platform searches the public records, which means the information they provide can be located elsewhere. However, they have a wide range of coverage, offering details regarding residences, vehicles, family members, marital status, bankruptcies, and other financial issues.

It’s also possible to determine whether the individual you are seeking has a criminal, arrest, or driving history, as well as if they’re a registered sex offender, at this location.

Compared to other internet search tools, one of the key benefits of Instant Checkmate as a public data search service is the extensive data it offers.

Navigating the search feature of Instant Checkmate can be a challenge due to the sheer number of pop-ups that have to be closed before the final report is revealed. Nevertheless, if you can manage to get past this difficulty, playing Instant Checkmate is remarkably straightforward.

For those who would like to gain access to an abundance of reports, the cost is about $35 per month. Our review of Instant Checkmate has more details.


  • Excellent financial value
  • Insights that are exact and contemporary
  • Outstanding Search Engines
  • You may view several reports as you'd like once you subscribe


  • It’s not possible to provide an exhaustive account of everything in a single report

US Search – Best for Ease of Use


US Search is a public data search service which offers access to public records, with an outdated interface resembling the look of Yahoo from 1998.

As US Search has a limited budget for designing websites, they appear to have focused on offering users a wide range of search options at prices that are competitive in the market.

If you have any details about the individual you are attempting to find, such as name, phone number, address, or email, US Search will yield a lengthy list of search outcomes.

Unlike certain other public data search engines, US Search does not require payment to access search results. In order to obtain a full report for a particular individual, a fee must be paid, yet you can still explore the list of results to identify the correct person.

During the background checks, standard pieces of information, for instance, an individual's name, past and present locations, assets, and criminal history, are examined. In addition, contact details for the person in question, including their phone number, email address, or social media profile, are also included.

US Search is ideal for reconnecting with a person you have lost touch with. You can purchase a single search or get a subscription that enables you to conduct as many searches as you need.


  • Useful search tools
  • Without spending any money, find what you're searching for
  • Current information
  • Practicable Financial Reporting


  • It’s not possible to buy any single report

PeopleFinders – Most Accurate Public Data Check


PeopleFinders is an excellent service which assists individuals to trace people by utilizing public records. It’s an uncomplicated internet platform that searches public databases that can help you uncover more info regarding someone through their name, contact number, email address, or location.

You have the option to purchase a one-time report or sign up for unlimited access. This public data check service offers a few different ways to do a personal investigation. All you have to do is type in the individual's name and location, or have a known phone number, email address, or mailing address.

If your inquiry yields multiple outcomes, PeopleFinders will give you more details, such as age and relatives, to help you refine your results. This is essential because numerous other search tools will not inform you if any results exist unless you have already made a payment.

PeopleFinders as a public data search engine offers adjustable plans to fulfill different requirements. There’s an option of two types of reports that can be acquired for an individual: a search report which only consists of fundamental contact information and a background report which comprises additional details like criminal, property, and court documents.

Additionally, you can get unrestricted reports when you sign up for a subscription plan every month (Once the public data check free trial ends) .

Our research showed that PeopleFinders provided a more comprehensive result than other services, unveiling details that had gone undiscovered previously. For example, we were able to determine the owner of a company, something we were unaware of when we explored other websites.

Nevertheless, the website is only available in the US and does not include information from social media, making it of limited use for web-based activities. Nonetheless, if you plan to use it for a prolonged period of time, the cost per month can be reduced to less than $25 once the introductory offer of the first month expires.


  • Purchase solitary data sets
  • Excellent mobile apps
  • Webpage that is simple to use
  • Low-cost, comprehensive reporting
  • Discovers facts that rivals may not


  • No information associated with social media exists

Spokeo – Best Reverse Phone Lookup


According to Spokeo, when a name and a connected email address or identity verification is entered, a broad network of reliable data sources can be accessed.

As more data is obtained, reports shall be refreshed regularly. With the aid of Spokeo, people can discover details about another person's hobbies, educational accomplishments, financial situation, online dating profiles, and even their video game and audio collections.

Nevertheless, a few search attempts were unsuccessful; it was evident that some names were jumbled around, implying that there was no human surveillance.

Even with this in mind, Spokeo still deserves a higher ranking due to its capability of allowing users to conduct a reverse lookup on the perpetrators of those annoying unsolicited calls.


  • Reverse phone searches
  • Extensive internet research
  • Reports that are updated often


  • It’s possible that the names entered into an online search might not correspond correctly

Best Public Data Check – Ranking Methodology

We have assessed the leading services offering access to public information according to factors such as the types of records they can validate, the rate of verification, and the user-friendliness of their platforms.

We investigated if the services were able to perform specialized inspections for a broad range of places such as educational institutions, medical centers, retail outlets, etc. We looked into the mobility options of the service and any support provided by humans.

We also evaluated their cost plans and if they could be lenient with their offerings and charges.

How to Choose the Best Public Data Check Service

Before settling on a public data check service, it’s important to figure out exactly what you need and the kind of public data checks and public data search you will be conducting. Examples of such checks include driving records, criminal records, employment histories, and credit reports.

It’s possible to verify basic details about a person, such as their educational background or social media accounts, through either internal resources or a search tool providing public data check free.

How long the service takes to finish its inspections is the subsequent thing to think about. If you want to stay away from waiting too long for the outcome of a background check to come in, it’s advisable to pick a provider that will not take more than a few days.

Pay close attention to the ease of use of the service and the associated costs.

What Is a Public Data Check Service

If you would like to obtain more details regarding a particular individual, you can employ a public records check service that thoroughly scans the entire web for any applicable data.

It’s possible for you to get to the same data as the background check services, but it would take a great deal of time. It could take you weeks or even months to gather all the necessary facts. By contrast, a background check service can search through millions of records and give a comprehensive report in less than five minutes.

When conducting a public records search online, one can discover more than just criminal records. Such an investigation can also confirm a person's identity along with providing details about their background, such as their credit score, job history, and financial circumstances.

Information Included in Different Types of Public Data Checks

It’s possible to carry out public investigations that go from the most fundamental to the most comprehensive criminal records searches.

The level of detail you achieve when conducting research using public data for a public data search will generally be determined by the aims you strive to reach with your investigation. For example, if you simply want to find out information about an ex-partner, you won't likely spend as long researching as you would if you were submitting an application to a leading security agency.

At present, the most widespread methods of verifying public records are:

  • Reference check
  • Systematic public data checks
  • Background checks for job candidates
  • Professional licenses, data checks on the public
  • International data verification
  • Scans of social media
  • Credit checks for public data
  • Trace of social security number
  • Public data checks for offenses
  • Education verification

The majority of biographies will incorporate basic personal details about the individual, for example, name, age group, birthplace, and contact information (phone numbers and addresses).

Aside from the general facts, a person's background check can cover their employment, educational background, and any criminal or arrest files. Moreover, public data searches can consist of the following:

  • Weapons permits
  • Credit
  • Blogs
  • Sexual offender registry listings
  • Wikipedia pages
  • Aliases
  • Bankruptcies
  • Relatives
  • Personal websites
  • Civil records
  • Marriage licenses
  • References
  • Driving history
  • Liens
  • Social media profiles
  • Other types of licenses (professional)
  • Photographs
  • Military records

Furthermore, depending on the standards established by the data verification firm, additional details might be required.

Where Does Public Data Check Information Come From?

There exist various sources of information for the public data check, depending on the kind of report you asked for. Identifying criminal records is tough as there’s no centralized database. The national criminal records consist of information from the following sources:

  • Agencies that assist state courts
  • Corrections agencies
  • Records of federal security agencies in courts
  • County court buildings
  • State registry of sexual offenders

If you are on the hunt for some information, like a contact phone number, you can look it up in a database. However, the information may be outdated or inaccurate. It’s better to get the data check from state or police authority sources as they’re more dependable and cost-effective.

Is There a Free Public Data Check?

To be honest, the answer is no. Utilizing public data check free may yield data that is outdated by several years and could easily lead to mixing up individuals with similar-sounding names.

It's essential to comprehend that the databases for the public data search compose of public records that can be accessed without payment are generally owned and kept up by private businesses.

Sources of personal data that are of questionable reliability include databases that require a subscription, entries into competitions, signups for coupons, and lists of people who have opted in to sharing their information with businesses.

Numerous files are obsolete since they were put together utilizing old techniques (such as telephone directories or residential databases) which are no longer used. Furthermore, criminal, motor vehicle, civil records and credit headers are generally not attainable through public data check free searches (up-to-date contact details).

Best Public Data Check Services: The Takeaway

Prior to making our ultimate selection, we considered the cost of each prospect and the range of background investigations that could be conducted.

BeenVerified was the most comprehensive service that we came across since it enabled us to search not only public databases, such as criminal and sex offender records but also private ones, like the dark web and the deep web, to bring up a variety of records that are not typically accessible via the free WhitePages-style search services.

If you are uncertain about the trustworthiness of a fresh acquaintance, romantic partner, colleague, or any person who has been visiting your home, it’s advisable to run a public records search immediately.

If you are uncertain about the trustworthiness of a fresh acquaintance, romantic partner, colleague, or any person who has been visiting your home, it’s advisable to run a public records search immediately.

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