Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself – Ultimate Guide 2023

5:20 PM, Mar 02, 2023
5:20 PM, Mar 02, 2023
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If you find yourself in a situation where someone is researching your past, such as during an interview, a property application, or even a lease negotiation, you may feel nervous about the outcome of the investigation. You may easily find this out by doing a personal background check.

If you don't like what comes up on your personal background check report, you may have it hidden entirely by using a service like BeenVerified.

Just by searching for your particular name, you may examine what information is available about you and evaluate whether or not it’s an accurate reflection of who you’re. You may gain a better grip on these self background checks by learning how they’re constructed.

What is a Personal Background Check?

By doing a background check on yourself, you may learn what details about you can be found in open sources. This might include anything like a felony conviction. Someone in a position of authority, such as a prospective employer or customer, may look up information about you in the public domain.

There are several methods to find out what data about oneself is available online through a personal background check. While most personal background checks are conducted by employers, anyone may request one. If you perform a background check on yourself, you can rest certain that the person you're doing business with or going out with is who they say they are.

What Will You Find If You Run a Background Check on Yourself

To do a thorough self background check, you should look into all of the public records available in both state and federal databases that include your personal identifying information. By searching public records with just your name, mobile number, or email account, you could discover interesting things about yourself.

By searching public records on your own, you may find out a lot of personal details about yourself. Information such as your identity, date of birth, place of residence, educational background, career history, relationships, addresses, criminal records, court cases, sex offenders, online profiles, and possessions may be revealed.

If you really need all this information, it's probably not worth your time to try to get it by hand searching public data. By using a professional service, you can increase the reliability of the data you find during your personal background check.

Private investigation firms may research millions of public and government records while conducting your personal background check using the information you provide about yourself. The data is then compiled into a background check report that can be seen and distributed easily.

  • Records of convictions and arrests
  • Licenses to bear arms
  • Photographs
  • Capitalized Resources
  • Aliases
  • Bankruptcies
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Identifying information, such as a complete name
  • Web presences
  • Liens
  • Birth year and age
  • Documents from Civil Court
  • Qualifications required for a profession
  • History of Education

Why Should You Run a Background Check on Yourself

See What Potential Employers Could Discover About You

Human resources will investigate your online persona, consisting of your social media profiles, professional networks, and any other information that’s available to the public, before making a hiring decision. It's never a bad idea to know what comes up in a Google search, even if you aren't actively job hunting, as a starting point for a self background check.

Check for Incorrect Criminal Convictions

Government agencies are only as effective as the people who work there. Hence, we should count on making errors sometimes. If you have a similar name to someone who has been convicted of a crime, you may be wrongfully accused of the same thing. The term "identity theft" is often used to describe this kind of criminal behavior.

"Victims of criminal identity theft may not know that someone has burdened them with a criminal record until they’re stopped for a traffic violation, the officer runs a check on their driver's license number, and they’re arrested on the spot," says Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit consumer information and advocacy program founded in 1992. It’s possible to get errors in your criminal record corrected by contacting the relevant government agency.

Find Out if There's Anything About You on the Dark Web

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Background check firm BeenVerified in the United States claims that your private information may be on sale on the anonymous marketplace known as the "dark web," hence the need for a background check on yourself. The dark web is challenging to traverse even if you’re accustomed with utilizing it. This means that there are even fewer individuals with the skills necessary to search the dark web for private information.

Theft and resale of sensitive personal information are significant concerns in the modern world. This includes financial data like account numbers, login credentials, and IDs, as well as other details like addresses and phone numbers.

Using the services of a reliable self background check firm is essential for staying one step ahead of scammers.

Discover Fake Social Media Accounts Using Your Personal Information

Given the prevalence of fraudulent social media accounts, the topic "How do I report a phony Facebook account?" has been added to the list of commonly asked questions.

Someone might mimic you on social networks using photographs and information you've made public without your consent or knowledge. Maybe someone has stolen your identity and exploited it to build a fake social media profile.

Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to track down any imitators if the person who steals your identity and uses it to build a fake social media presence is clever enough to block you.

Review Long-Forgotten Posts That You or Other People Made

Think back on all the time you've expended on the internet and the many comments and posts you've made.

Your present perspective may be in conflict with something you formerly said online, or a buddy may have shared photos from a crazy party that you'd rather stay hidden. No matter where you’re in life, it’s important to have these items fresh in your mind, hence the need for self background checks.

How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

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It’s common practice to verify the information provided by applicants in order to process their requests for employment, admission to educational institutions, and charitable contributions. If they did a background check on you, can you think of anything they might find out? If you look into your past, you could find out.

This is a breakdown of the many kinds of people-specific background checks. Several companies, in addition to looking at your grades and driving record, will also do a personal background check.

Court Records (County, State, and Federal)The inability to get employment may be due to factors in your history. Using a web-based tool, you may check your criminal history and see whether you have any arrests or convictions.

Any prior arrests or convictions may be made public via a statement from the court(s) wherein your charges were first filed. In order to verify this data, you need to contact the appropriate state, provincial, or federal court.

Going to a county courthouse in person could be necessary to acquire the paperwork you need. To get copies of cases heard in a county court, you must make your request in person. To get records from a county court, you must often appear in person.

A non-conviction arrest that happened more than seven years ago is protected from disclosure to employers under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). If an old conviction turns up on your personal background check, you may challenge the information.

Driving Records


Several states have varying requirements for when and how long a driver's record must be kept. If you have ever had a driver's license in more than one state, you might see your driving records on those states' respective DMV websites.

You may have to pay a fee to access public documents in certain states. Not every prospective employer will look at your driving record. Jobs like bus drivers, lorry drivers, nannies, and delivery men generally need these.

Credit Report

If you want to show potential employers that you can be entrusted with money, they should look at your credit record (not your credit score) prior to making a hiring decision. The consequences of having even small inaccuracies on your credit record may be severe.

It’s wise to check your credit report often. After the passage of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction (FACT) Act, consumers are now entitled to one free credit report from each of the three main credit reporting agencies once every 12 months. Free credit reports are available once a year at

A study of your credit report will provide the following information:

  • The accounts of everyone who has been referred to a collections agency
  • How much debt do you now have?
  • How often you have asked for your credit report
  • Debt-to-income ratio measures how much money you owe in comparison to how much money you make

Credit scores are not included in free credit reports and must be purchased independently. If there is an error on your credit report, you may get it removed if you follow the FTC's procedures.

Education Report

When verifying a candidate's degree, employers or other organizations may utilize a third-party service such as the National Student ClearingHouse or request an authentic copy of the candidate's diploma and/or transcripts.

If you think your school transcript may be asked for, ask for copies. Avoid embarrassing yourself by submitting anything less than flawless; future employers and other organizations may ask for it.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guarantees students the right to see and challenge the accuracy of their academic records (National Student Clearinghouse, 2018).

Online Footprint

Researchers found that in 2013, 77% of companies were using social media to find and hire new employees. You should always assume that your online presence will be checked as part of any hiring, enrollment, or volunteer process.

Search your name and current location to see what comes up (please ensure that all browser customization options are disabled before continuing). Check your social media profiles' privacy settings (if you're inexperienced with this process, there are a number of guides accessible online that may help you get started.).

Don't post public images or write public notes unless you really want everyone to see them. Modify or get rid of anything that could seem amateurish.

So, How Do You Run a Personal Background Check On Yourself?

When you apply for new housing, school, or job, it's important to check your criminal history, credit report, and online footprint for accuracy. Regular background check on yourself is a great method of documentation.

FAQ – How to Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself

Where Does Your Personal Background Check Data Come From?

Based on research into conviction source data from internet criminal conviction databases, background check companies have access to a sizable database of criminal convictions.

Many lists exist, some of which include municipal courts, others state court administration agencies, and yet others state prison departments. With the billions of records offered by third-party data vendors, we can improve the quality and breadth of your search results.

How Current Is the Personal Background Check Data I Am Searching?

Data for a background check comes from many different government agencies and other publicly available sources. They include local and state courts, state court administration offices, and state corrections agencies.

Ultimately, it’s the data providers themselves who decide how often we get updates. It's only one of the many things that sets us apart that we go to such tremendous efforts to obtain and keep our data. We routinely evaluate our methods to ensure that we’re producing high-quality output in a timely manner.

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