Is Intelius Legit? What You Need to Know in 2023

11:32 AM, Mar 03, 2023
11:32 AM, Mar 03, 2023
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Is Intelius legit? Intelius is a significant information broker in the United States. It offers a website that is safe and secured, as well as features for performing a background check and a reverse phone lookup, which contribute to the site's dependability, accessibility, and ease of use.

You may be astonished to realize how much information there is about a person available online. Is it too wonderful to be true? Is Intelius a rip-off? Absolutely not.

If you still have pending questions like “what is intelius”, please continue reading to learn how it operates.

Is Intelius Legit: What is Intelius?

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The Seattle-based company was founded in 2003 and is part of PeopleLink Inc., a digital identity corporation that also owns TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate, US Search, and Classmates.

What is Intelius? It is a great search service that allows users to do background checks on anyone, resulting in thorough background reports that include personal details, telephone number, housing history, criminal background, and other information. Data is gathered from hundreds of publicly available sources, comprising federal, local, and municipal government agencies, as well as commercial companies.

Is Intelius safe? Intelius, founded in 2003, is one of the industry's oldest internet background check organizations, providing one of the most dependable products in the data brokerage sector. Intelius' reports are typically more precise than those of competitors, and its subscription costs are lower than those of key competitors like BeenVerified.

Although using Intelius for tenant and employment screening is prohibited by the FCRA (they are not a registered consumer reporting agency), the platform is useful for finding long-lost relatives, knowing more about new neighbors, and evaluating people you've met on social networks or online dating apps.

Is Intelius Legit: What Does It Do?

Intelius specializes in people searches and background checks. It offers a wide variety of services and products that give individuals and organizations access to information on people's identities and histories. This information may include government records, contact details, and criminal history.

Intelius provides a variety of goods and services, including:

  • Background check: This service furnishes data regarding an individual's past legal transgressions, educational background, job background, and other public documents.
  • Property records: Gives comprehensive data regarding land ownership, appraisals, and other relevant information.
  • Email search: Users can look up an individual's email address using their names or other identifying details.
  • People search: Users can look up people by email address, phone number, name, or address.
  • Reverse phone lookup: Users can search for details regarding a particular individual using their phone number.

Is Intelius Legit: Does It Really Work?

Intelius is a genuine website. It's accredited and has a Better Business Bureau "A+" rating. If you have any questions concerning the legitimacy of Intelius, please reach out to our Customer Care team by accessing our contact page and speaking with a US-based customer care agent.

Intelius, established in 2003, is a legal business and one of the earliest People Search businesses online today. Is Intelius safe? It’s services are usually regarded as trustworthy, yet it should be noted that, like any organization, it is not always totally accurate.

A report from Intelius may contain the following details:

  • Names
  • Criminal and Traffic Records
  • Phone Numbers
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Addresses

It can be difficult to uncover information about a person using a typical search engine, such as criminal and traffic records. So, how did you come upon this information using Intelius.

It is usually advisable to confirm the accuracy of any information obtained from a background check provider, like Intelius, with additional sources. Is Intelius safe? It's also wise to remember that background screening services could not have accessibility to everything, so the information they provide might not be exhaustive.

It's also worth noting that Intelius, like all other background screening organizations, may be unable to give information on some sorts of records, such as classified or expunged criminal backgrounds or records protected by federal or state law.

Is Intelius a Scam?

Intelius isn't a scam. It’s a perfectly legitimate background check business that provides individuals with very accurate public record information. You may be confident that an Intelius membership will produce reliable results because it has an outstanding reputation from the BBB.

The innumerable customer reviews online saying that Intelius charges money and hence is a scam may give you the impression that Intelius is a scam. Because Intelius does not purport to be a free service, these reviews are really not completely factual.

Is Intelius Legit: Customer Reviews

Intelius seems like an excellent place to start if you want to acquire background information about someone privately.

Users may get information far faster than they could on their own thanks to access to billions of government records, but what do the Intelius reviews suggest about the service? Is Intelius safe? Is it really worth it to pay for Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup, People Search, and Premier?

Read the pages below for a summary of Intelius customer feedback and whether genuine customers would recommend joining up for Intelius.

Is Intelius Legit: Reviews on Sitejabber

Intelius has received 3,79 out of 5 stars from 79 customer reviews, suggesting that the vast majority of customers are pleased with their purchases. Customers who are pleased with Intelius typically cite customer support and phone numbers. Intelius is ranked ninth among People Search websites.

"I spoke with a salesperson and found her to be not only competent, but by the conclusion of the interaction I felt she was a friend looking out for my benefit," one user said. Please convey my gratitude to her."

"I have been hunting for my long lost relative for a very long period of time and your firm helped me discover her," claimed another pleased Sitejabber reviewer. Thank you very much!"

Is Intelius Legit: Reviews on Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau's Intelius reviews are abysmal, with 97% negative feedback and 400 customer complaints.

The great majority of Intelius reviews highlight unlawful recurring payments and monthly subscriptions, even after canceling a membership. Many people also claim that the information acquired by Intelius was incredibly rudimentary and did not appear to be worth the cost, despite the fact that they were promised a detailed report.

Is Intelius safe? While many complaints center on what Intelius reviewers claim are unethical billing methods, our Intelius analysis discovered a substantial amount of grievances from users who discovered their own information displayed on the website and demanded that it be removed from Intelius.

Generally, user ratings of Intelius on the Better Business Bureau are quite poor, with many consumers branding Intelius a scam.

Is Intelius Legit: Reviews on Trust Pilot

On Trust Pilot, there are 209 Intelius reviews, with 63 percent of users giving their Intelius People Search and Premium service the lowest possible rating.

Numerous people have expressed similar concerns in Intelius evaluations on the Better Business Bureau. One Intelius reviewer, for example, says:

"The cost of the basic search was $6.95. The material throughout the report was VERY OUT OF DATE. There was nothing new to report. The report contained information that was 5-10 years old."

A considerable number of Intelius reviews cited billing concerns as their primary complaint. Despite agreeing to a free or discounted Intelius search as offered, individuals were immediately placed in a monthly paying program, pointing to Intelius's poor advertising practices.

Positive feedback is also available. According to one user,

“I enrolled with Intelius in order to confirm the cell phone numbers that I had obtained from a dating platform. A few of the numbers were from people I preferred to stay away from. Intelius supplied me with data about verified individuals. I was also able to uncover the birth dates of some of my relatives and mates, along with their numbers. Much obliged to you, Intelius. I will always advocate your service to others.”

Is Intelius Safe?

Intelius is widely regarded as a trustworthy and respected corporation. It is a real company that has been in business as of 2003 and has earned a reputation in the industry for dependability and accuracy.

While giving out personal information or sending money, it is crucial to use caution, just as with any other organization. Below are some pointers to assist ensure a secure Intelius experience:

Protect your personal information: Be cautious when providing any company with personal information such as your name, residence, contact number, and payment information. Only give this information to trusted sources when it is absolutely essential.

Use a secure payment method: Choose a secure payment option, such as a PayPal account or a credit card, when making a payment. Avoid utilizing cash or wire transactions since they are less secure and more susceptible to fraud.

Check the company's privacy policy: Check the company's privacy policies to learn about how they will use and safeguard your private info.

Although Intelius is a trustworthy organization, it is always prudent to exercise caution when submitting personal details or making online payments. By following these guidelines, you can help guarantee that your Intelius experience is secure and safe.

Is Intelius Legit: What Does It Cost?

The cost of Intelius's products and services vary depending on the exact product or service desired. The organization provides a wide range of services and products, including persons searches, background checks, reverse phone lookups, email searches, and property records.

Here's a quick rundown of the prices for some of Intelius' most popular services and products:

  • People search: The cost of a basic search begins at $1.95 and increases to $29.95 for a comprehensive search that encompasses contact details, criminal history, and other public records.
  • Background check: The cost of a basic background investigation is $9.95, and the cost of a complete check, which covers criminal records, schooling, work history, as well as other public information, is $49.95.
  • Reverse phone lookup: Costs for basic searches start at $4.95 and go upwards to $14.95 for thorough searches that include the owner's name, residence, and other personally identifiable information.
  • Email search: Costs for basic searches start at $4.95 and go upwards to $14.95 for thorough searches that include the owner's name, residence, and other identifying details.
  • Property records: Costs range from $0.99 for a single home record to $40 for a monthly charge with access to several property records.

It's crucial to remember that all these prices are adjustable and may differ depending on the individual product or service you're looking for. If you want the most recent pricing information, always check the company's website.

Is Intelius Legit: Bottom Line

Intelius is a corporation that offers background checks and access to public records. It is a legal business that's been in existence since 2003. A thorough reading of the service's privacy policies and terms of service is recommended before signing up for any service with the company, as is the case with any business that handles sensitive personal information. Is Intelius safe? It's also a good idea to inquire into the company 's track record and client reviews before deciding whether to make use of its services.

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