What are the best sites to buy Instagram likes?

4:58 PM, Mar 02, 2023

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So many small businesses and aspiring influencers are desperate for the high-quality content they post to their Instagram profile to get the attention it deserves. However, as we all come to learn, without the blessing of the Instagram algorithm on your posts, getting any traction can be extremely difficult no matter what you post or how high-quality it is.

On top of it all, with so many posts going up every second, simply adding the right hashtags doesn't cut it anymore either.

So, how are small businesses and up-and-coming influencers able to kick start the engagement rate on their social media platforms? The secret is that many simply buy Instagram likes. By purchasing these types of Instagram services, a company or influencer is able to kick start the attention on a post, in turn playing with the algorithm and boosting this post to the front of people's feeds. In turn, this boost helps with bringing more real Instagram likes and potential customers to your content.

In this article, we will take a quick look at the top brands that allow you to buy a large number of likes for your Instagram posts.

Top Sites to Buy Instagram Likes in 2023

These are the best sites for kick starting Instagram growth through ‘likes’ boosting.

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is our top choice for purchasing high quality likes packages and they have earned this title through a combination of quality (you get likes from real active accounts), highly affordable prices, and exceptional customer support with 24/7 live user help.

Twicsy promises likes from real users with guaranteed instant delivery through a hassle-free system.

Price is a great place to start as Twicsy makes it easy to get a high-volume of high quality likes on your posts for very little investment. Their smallest option being 50 likes for less than $2. This scales up to over 2500 likes for under $30, which is simply amazing. This makes it very easy for your content to get trending without raising any negative attention at very little cost.

While there are several services that may come close to Twicsy in terms of price and base quality, almost none have the diversity of options available to their customers. With Twicsy you have the ability to also boost views on videos, add followers, and even split the likes you receive between multiple images. A savvy marketer is able to use these little bonuses to big effect and this can lead to a much more tactical spread of funding.

There is no other likes service like Insta that will allow you to so easily boost your metrics with this level of quality, at these same low price points.

Another great benefit that helped Twicsy be chosen as the best site is simply their trustworthy brand name. When buying Instagram likes you have to be careful about how it is done, as fake accounts run afoul of Instagram’s terms and low quality services can be a disaster for your social media presence.

Twicsy is 5-star Trustpilot certified and has thousands of happy customer reviews. They have also been featured in media spots in Men’s Journal, LA Weekly, and more.

Buy Instagram Likes now at Twicsy.com.

2. Rushmax

The next best service on our list here is Rushmax. Rushmax is primarily focused on the rising influencer and helps them to enhance every aspect of their Instagram presence. Rushmax lets you purchase hundreds of likes at a very low cost, and also gives you several package options that scale up well, building a greater discount the higher up you go.

Rushmax also allows you to buy followers for your Instagram page, as well as video views, so influencers have a comprehensive service for creating an Instagram account that looks great. Checkout is easy, with several payment methods and their highly trained service support team is very helpful should any glitches or issues arise.

As with Twicsy, the brand name here is the biggest selling point, and this is definitely a name you can trust. Rushmax boasts of having helped over 100,000 influencers and celebrities kick start their Instagram profiles and get their careers rolling in the digital space.

3. Buzzoid

Buzzoid was one of the first social media marketing companies built that was tailor-made for the challenges presented by building a presence on Instagram. Buzzoid is now over a decade old and has served over 10 million users, all while maintaining a 4.9 star customer rating. Suffice to say, when it comes to buying Instagram likes, Buzzoid is more than a proven name.

While some of the prices on Buzzoid are not as low as their main competitors, everything they offer is guaranteed and backed by around-the-clock support. They also offer several customization options, giving you a lot of flexibility in your purchases -including geolocation and gender targeting for the types of profiles giving likes. These are likes from verified profiles with large number of followers of their own

4. LikesTik

In order to overcome the fact that they are new and need to build the required credibility to be a top competitor when it comes to boosting social media accounts, LikesTik has focused on giving their users amazing prices and offers highly trained and incredible customer support for every issue presented. LikesTik wants to make it known that they are a brand that you can absolutely trust to take your Instagram account to the next level.

LikesTik is a very new service that is looking to move in on the Instagram space with great prices and outstanding customer support.

In many ways LikesTik is the future of the industry, taking many of the lessons learned by companies in years past, and on newer platforms like TikTok, and have designed a new system that has the modern influencer and their needs at its core. At its most basic level this means great prices and a trustworthy service, but it also entails services at a speed that work for you, instant delivery to make sure your posts are seen when you want them to be.

5. DigicLikes

DigicLikes is another new service that offers instant likes at fair prices and they do a good job of making sure that these likes come from a number of followers of real followers instead of relying solely on bot accounts or fake profiles many lower tier services use. In fact, DigicLikes was created in order to ensure that users had a safe place to purchase likes after so many issues with Instagram's terms of service caused many influencers to lose their accounts some years ago.

While they do not offer as many versatile packages or have as comprehensive a customer support team as many of our very top services, they offer a great deal that you can trust, which automatically makes them better than 95% of the competition.

6. TokMatik

TokMatik is in a similar boat to DigicLikes in that they were created as a response to a need in the market, they are out to create a highly trusted service that offers big name brands an incredibly secure and trusted service, that while more expensive, offers little to no chance of breaking terms or causing obvious flaws in profile image. While you pay a bit more and wait a little longer, TokMatik ensures that your profile looks as legitimate as possible

Why Should I Buy Instagram Likes?

For those who wish to understand social media marketing, you will need to understand the power that social proof has in advertising and why it is such a big part of an online marketing strategy. You also need to understand how social media algorithms work.

As for the algorithms, there is no simple answer to how they work (it is changed often and not revealed by Instagram). Suffice to say, the more popular your post is, the more likely it is to show up on other people’s feeds. Simply put, by buying Instagram likes you both help boost your post through the algorithm, enhancing your social media presence amongst your target demographics.

The other half of the benefit to buying IG likes is the social proof aspect. Social proof refers to the fact that humans are communal creatures, and we tend to trust what the herd does. For example, if you see a bunch of people eating a meal while smiling and happy, you naturally assume that meal must be delicious -the social proof for the meal was the several happy people enjoying it.

By showcasing positive customer reviews, companies are taking advantage of social proof.

Social proof can also work against you. Even if you post the highest quality post ever made, if nobody has liked it, many Instagram users immediately assume it is not quality content.

If you want real people to stop and explore your Instagram page, they need to see that you are popular and your posts are well liked. This tells them that you are worth their time. So, by buying Instagram likes, you are assuring that when real accounts and a wider audience sees your page, they are seeing you in the best light possible and will be more willing to stick around.

Ready to Buy Instagram Likes?

So are you ready to buy Instagram likes and take your Instagram account to the next level? Every service we listed here is an outstanding choice. Many of these great companies also allow you to buy Instagram followers -as well as several other quality services that are great for enhancing your Instagram marketing goals.

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