Best Online Loans For Bad Credit: Top Installment Loans For Bad Credit in August

10:49 AM, Aug 12, 2022
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It’s that time of year again. Pack your bags and sharpen your pencils, back to school is upon us. No matter where you live in America, the chances are that you know someone who is going back to school this month. Maybe they are going back to grade school, or maybe they are going back to high school. Whatever the case is, heading back to school is an expensive endeavor. Especially for those heading off to college and taking a long look at what their future may hold.

Future is uncertain. And life might hit you hard sometimes. You might have a need for emergency funds suddenly. It may be because of an accident or some unexpected bills. Whatever the case maybe, do you know where you can get emergency loans?

An emergency loan is a quick transaction of funds designed to help the borrowers in their time of need. Funds can be available within 24-48 hours - with interest rates and other terms and conditions applied.

Will you get access to this loan though if you have a bad credit score?

Yes, definitely! There are lenders that still service these borrowers with bad credit scores and an opportunity to apply and get approval to an emergency loan.

Now let's get on and begin our review on the best money lender in America.

Top Online Loans For Bad Credit Direct Lenders

#3. FUNDSGIFT - Best Online Loans For Bad Credit In August

#1. MONEYMUTUAL - The Best Installment Loans In America Today

#2. MODO LOAN - Top Loans For Bad Credit With Guaranteed Approval

Here Is The Best Online Loan For Bad Credit In America:

1) Moneymutual - Best Online Loans For Bad Credit In August 2022

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MoneyMutual is absolutely the top emergency loan provider in America!

You might ask us to prove our claim, right? Please see below reasons:

Approval For Online Loans With Bad Credit Is Made Easy By MoneyMutual

Loan application is very fast - just a quick 5 minutes! Consumers are offered an opportunity with a vast number of lenders and avail themselves of these loans: payday loans, installment, and even bad credit loans online.

MoneyMutual Matches You With Many Installment Loan Lenders


MoneyMutual has a plethora of lenders they can connect with - over 60! If you are 18, earning $800 a month, and has a checking account, then you are eligible for an emergency loan.

MoneyMutual is very efficient and their loan application is very accessible. If you have an internet - wherever you are and whenever you can, you can begin your loan application. Very easy, right? Welcome to MoneyMutual.

What About Fees And Interest Rates For Loans For bAd Credit?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranges from 5.99 to 24.99%. MoneyMutual does not charge any origination fee during loan application. They are the middleman which helps the borrowers match with the lenders of their choice.

The negotiation process is between the lenders and the borrowers - MoneyMutual is out of this equation. The borrowers will have to discuss the terms and conditions of their loan directly with their lenders. Loan amounts they can apply are from $5,000 to $35,000. The interest rates are unique to every lender but with payday loans, it will be especially high sometimes from 200% to 1300%!

What Are The Loan Limits?

Lenders can lend as high as $35,000 and as small as $300-$500. Borrowers tend to go with these smaller loan amounts.

Remember, MoneyMutual works for the borrower and lenders - they do not have any authority in the terms and conditions applied in the loans. These are negotiated between the borrowers and the lenders.

MoneyMutual offers these 3 loans: the payday loans, cash advances, and bad credit loans. Payday loans are usually the most attainable due to low eligibility requirements but they tend to be applied at huge interest rates.

A cash advance allows you to get a loan in cash other than that of your bank account and gives you the option of paying it back by your next paycheck or in installments. Bad credit loans are also provided if you qualify for the bare minimum criteria.

Based on the versatility of MoneyMutual, it can aid with emergency funds in so many different scenarios. It is really up to you to pick with lender is the best fit for you.


  • There is a very fast application process
  • MoneyMutual has a variety of loan types
  • A very secure and encrypted website
  • Smaller loans (as little as $300) and larger loans (up to $35,000) available in some cases


  • The person borrowing the money (borrower) must earn at least $800 a month to qualify

⇒Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual for More Information

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Why Is MoneyMutual Online Loan For Bad Credit Company?

MoneyMutual is the best provider for us. We determine them by these factors:

MoneyMutual has a strong reputation 

This should be your highest consideration in looking for the perfect lender for you. MoneyMutual is one of the exceptional lenders in the industry. If you are still undecided, look through the client response section. There, you will be provided with the clients’ loan and customer experiences which will eventually help in your decision-making.

  • What are the terms and conditions that MoneyMutual offers?

There are plenty of lenders that can work with customers with bad credit scores. Fortunately, as MoneyMutual deals with 60+ lenders, they can definitely help you get that bad credit loan for you. Keep in mind that all interest rates and terms and conditions are negotiated between you and the lender of your choice - these are of course specific for every lender.

  • How fast does MoneyMutual transfer funds?

Emergency loans should be a fast transaction and given to you as soon as possible. It will help if you work with a lender that understands your needs and can deliver. Never trust those lenders that are behind in their loan processing

And this is where MoneyMutual comes in as they definitely deliver the funds as swiftly as possible to borrowers that urgently need them!

  • How transparent is MoneyMutual?

Be wary of those lenders that tend to cover some fees in their loans. These hidden fees will eventually help the borrowers deep in debts. Fortunately, MoneyMutual is working with over 60 lenders who are transparent and detail their loan terms and conditions.

Is It Possible to Get an Installment Loan For Bad Credit?

Yes, very possible. But be sure you have the documents your prospective lender might request.

The documents are your proof of income like your paystubs, w-2, copies of tax returns for the last two years, or 1099s. It’s also great if you know how to get your latest bank statements. If you have not kept these proof of earnings documents, you can contact your employer. Either your HR or accountant, or bookkeeper can help you obtain these documents.

Your lender might also ask for your identification. Be sure you have your driver’s license, passport, or SS card.

If you are asked for the reason for the loan, be sure you know how to explain so the lender can understand your situation. If there are documents that can support your claim - better.

Remember to make any necessary adjustments to repay your loan.

Next is your search for a perfect lender. Once this is done, then comes the soft credit inquiry..

The hard credit check usually comes once you have a loan offer or approval. Unlike soft credit inquiry, a hard credit check once pulled several times will definitely negatively impact your credit score.

Read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully before signing it. Make sure that you are able to pay back the loan that you are borrowing.

=> Visit The Official MoneyMutual Website For More Information

Are Installment Loans For Bad Credit Good For You If You Have Bad Credit?


A payday loan is something we do not recommend. It is because payday loans can be extremely expensive to pay back, and often come with undesirable terms.

Payday loans might be acceptable at the outset. But upon careful deliberation, you will no longer think so. This is because the annual percentage rate of interest is excessively high (up to 300% to 400%). Also, if you fail to pay according to the given schedule, you will have to pay extra charges and fees.

How Do You Recognize A Loan For Bad Credit?

See below the considerations of payday loans:

  • Loan Amounts are $500 or less. With almost no documentation needed
  • The repayment schedule is short. However, you are asked to pay it back within weeks.
  • The APR is way too high.

If there are at least 2 factors in your loan, then there is a high possibility that it is a payday loan.

Have Basic Knowledge About Loans For Bad Credit With Guaranteed Approval

Here are a few pointers that can assist you whenever you decide to go for emergency loans.

The important points are as follows:

  • No conventional or online lender can provide a definite approval guarantee on your loan. That is for sure. To prove this, look for the disclaimer specifically mentioning that there is a chance you might not find your lender on their website. This applies to all, even with those having good credit scores. 
  • One of the good things with online lenders is they do not typically pull a hard credit report inquiry. Which is great as there will not be any lasting negative impact on your credit score
  • As soon as you can, complete all the documents required. Failure to complete may put a delay on your emergency loan.
  • Know the difference between secured and unsecured loans. Although the secured loans have lower APRs, there is still one risk involved in them — losing your belongings if you fail to repay the loan since secured loans require collateral. In contrast, unsecured loans charge higher APRs but require no collateral. (If you did not understand this point, please read this again)
  • With these online lenders, instead of being stuck with higher interest rates, you will have the chance to work with lenders who will provide you with fixed rates which will help you a great deal in repaying your loans.

Common Questions About MoneyMutual and Loans For Bad Credit


Q1. Is 600 a Poor or Minimum Credit Score According to FICO?

Online Loans For Bad Credit - Per FICO, 600-660 is a fair score. Don’t recognize this as a good score though because if you lose even 1 point, then it’s a poor score. Thus, it’s safe to say 600 is a borderline credit score.

Q2. How Big of a Loan Can I Get with a Bad Credit Score?

You can borrow funds as high as $25,000 even with a poor credit score, but with a high interest rate.

If you do not want to be burdened by these high interest rates, then apply for a smaller loan amount. It will be approved faster and it has lower interest rates.

Q3. Is There Any Alternative to Interest-Based Loans?

Sometimes, your credit score can only take you so far. In this case, you are left with two options: either you put some of your things for sale or borrow money from those close to you. You might want to think about the latter option as some people don’t want to owe money from friends and relatives. It’s a matter of opinion though and how urgent your need for cash is.

Q4. What Makes Online Lending Better Than Conventional Lending?

Online lending opens a new world with less hassle and offers convenience at its best! You can connect with several lenders and complete your loan no matter when and where you are. Plus, there is almost no hard credit inquiry and you get good interest rates compared to other platforms.

Finally, online lenders can help you improve your credit score by reporting your performance to credit bureaus from time to time.

Q5. Which Is the Best Online Lending Platform?

MoneyMutual! There is no contest.

MoneyMutual: Wins The Top Choice Of Online Loans For Bad Credit

MoneyMutual - No matter how you look at it, going back to school can be a very expensive time. With so many uncommon expenses during this time, it is hard to find the money in order to pay for all of these items. Thank goodness for all of the high tech online money lenders out there. They have made it helpful for people to obtain money when money is tight.

Online money lending platforms offer a new and advanced way to the money lending industry. With them, there are no physical or office-based meetings, less paperwork and most importantly, funds can be in the palm of your hands within 24 hours!

These platforms are also a great way to raise your credit score. As long as you complete your monthly loan obligations on time, these online lenders can report your performance to the credit bureaus. They can then update your credit score from poor to even an excellent credit score.

So, if you are in need of an emergency loan, MoneyMutual is there for you. They are one of the best online lenders and can help you get your money easily and comfortably.

Thank you for reading our review and be sure to visit the MoneyMutual official website if you are in need of an emergency loan. They are fast and professional. Get your emergency loan today!

=> Visit the MoneyMutual Official Website For More Information



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